Best Adventure Tourist Spots of India

By | April 23, 2020

The geographical expansion of India is gifted with one of the most beautiful locations, landscapes and valleys. India is known and famous for its culture and tradition with rich heritage of beautiful places to visit. The topography is unique in India and heightened with joy of travelling inside it mainly because of such diverse areas to cover.

One can enjoy array of activities in North India and South India. There are so many options to choose from like trekking, mountaineering, water rafting and safari, if you are an enthusiast and want to enjoy the popular adventure spots in North India especially, then here are some of the options to look forward to.Best Adventure Spots in India

North India has become a popular tourist getaway for many popular mountainous locations and thrilling adventure activities which can really cherish any person who wants to explore adventurous places during their India travel. These locations are perfect for those who want to not only explore adventure but also looking for isolated yet captivating locations of India. Some of the popular ones are mentioned below.


Uttaranchal is also a famous destination with large mountain ranges, flowing rivers, range of forests and vast plains. One can enjoy lots of adventure activities at this place. It is more popular around the world more about its tourism and adventure sports. Some of the activities which one can enjoy here is skiing, river rafting, safari and trekking. There is no doubt that Uttaranchal is one of the best getaway locations which is famous for its adventure sports and other playful activities.

Himachal Pradesh

Another important location which is famous for its natural beauty and adventure sports is Himachal Pradesh. The mountain range is immensely covered with snow, rivers, dense forests, passes, valleys and romantic lakes which has a great found for its nature lovers and adventure lovers from all around the world. This place is more thrilling and challenging for those who are looking for mountaineering and trekking location.

One can even enjoy lots of activities for adventure enthusiasts like mountain climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering, river rafting, skiing, camping, golfing, ice skating, hand gliding, safaris, paragliding and even for its fishing at some parts of the areas. One can enjoy a lot of adventure activities at this particular location, so it is much easier for those who are looking for perfect locations with romantic getaway along with a flavor of adventure sports.

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir not only provide a perfect location for scenic beauty but also is famous around the globe for its adventure sports as well. This is perfect place because of its geographical location in the Himalayan mountain region and this place is also gifted for its array of magnificent landscape as well. Some of the activities include snow skiing, water skiing, camping, surfing, rock climbing, hiking, and rafting in water, snowboarding, jeep safaris and paragliding.

The diverse location of India becomes a wonderful land where one can enjoy nature scenes and beautiful activities.

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