Best Tourist Destinations to Visit in India

By | April 22, 2020

India is one of the best-known tourist destinations if you are thinking about planning a holiday trip to Asia. It is known for its simple getaway and exploration visits. India is popular around the world mainly due to its rich and famous culture and history. So there are number of places to visit in India where one can explore many things. It doesn’t matter if you are planning for a short or long trip; there are various spots for tourists ranging from north India to South, which you can plan in itinerary. To make your exploration simple, we have provided you with the list of some of the popular destinations which you cannot afford to miss.

The Taj Mahal

If you are planning to visit to India, you must never forget to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World: The Taj Mahal. It is very famous around the world and lots of tourist visits this infamous trademark of India. The world Taj Mahal means “Crown Palace”. It is known for its breathtaking architecture and designs which is a symbol of love. The history of Taj Mahal transcends through time.The Taj Mahal


Himalayas is another famous place known for its pilgrimage and rivers. It has a notable mountain trail which gives a good visit for an adventure seeker. It also houses some of the lush green plants, flowers, exotic animals and herbs.


One of the oldest city of India, Varanasi is known for its Hindu Temples and learning. It is flagship place for Hinduism and attracts many visitors from around the world.

Ganga River

History of Indian culture: Ganga River is known to be a sacred for Hindus and overflows its beauty and is known to be India’s holy river.

Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta caves are considered to be the best creation of Buddhist culture and architecture. One can find fine painting which display the masterpiece and story of Buddha.

Corbett National Park

It is known to be land of roar, song and Trumpet with some of the finest animals especially Tigers are found in this place, which makes it an ideal place for people who are nature lovers.

Khajuraho Temples

These temples are interesting and contain magnificent sculptures with best known atmosphere and flows cultural heritage of India.


The beaches of Goa and Kerala are known to be one of the ultimate places to relax and enjoy. One can explore beautiful beaches, forts, churches and night life at these popular tourist destinations of India. It is an interesting choice for people who are looking for fun, enjoy sight-seeing and enjoy. Even the beaches of Mahabalipuran and Andaman are also considered to be favorite tourist destinations where one can plan trip.

Final Say

So, if you are planning to travel to India, you must visit these above mentioned tourist destinations and enjoy the beauty of India. It doesn’t matter if you are a nature lover, history lover or just looking for a casual visit, India provides you the best known top tourist destinations where you can enjoy and explore.

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