HostGator VS DreamHost: Comparison Based on Price & Features

By | March 21, 2020

The various hosting needs are there which are provided by various Hosting Services that are available in the market. These hosing service providers charge you according to the plan that you choose. The plans can vary from basic to the one that is optimized for the bigger websites. The difference in plans of all these service providers is the different features and prices that they quote for that. It is important t for you to compare some options before you finalize one for hosting your business website.

There are certain features that are a must have and some which are never used but add up to the monthly bill you pay. So we have looked upon the two most famous hosting service providers i.e. HostGator and DreamHost. Let’s have look at the things that a new website requires primarily and then we will compare the two hosting providers.HostGator VS DreamHost: Comparison Based on Price & Features

What you need to start?

These are the basic yet essential features you must get in your hosting plan.

  • An easy to use control panel for management purposes, preferable and most used panel is cPanel.
  • The hosting service should provide you backup and restore facility.
  • Technical support should be easy and available 24×7. Make sure it is a hotline or live chat, email support just add up to delay if you face some issue.
  • The pricing should be fair and no hidden cost should be involved.
  • There should be scope of expansion so that if in later stage you will expand your website you don’t have to look for a new hosting.
  • It should have appropriate storage and bandwidth support so that your visitors have a lag free browsing on your site.

Now we will look into the services that are offered by the HostGator and DreamHost individually.


It has 3 pre-formed plans which are designed to suit different users. The basic plan and the advanced plans both offer a cPanel control. They have support for MySQL,Wordpress,PHP etc. in all the plans. The support system is best in class with a 24×7 response from the team. It also has an instant backup option to secure your data. The prices of these plans are best in the industry with the basic plan starting from just $3.75.


The DreamHost is in the industry since 1997 which is the reason behind its large number of user base. The plans are variable in case of DreamHost and you can choose the plan according to your needs. The price and the facilities are fixed. The standard plan of DreamHost for one month will cost you around $9. The control panel is a custom made. The backup, SSL and Shell access are not available in that plan. The yearly & unlimited plans are much better though.

Final Words

As we have seen that both the service providers have their own perks and downside. The verdict though is in favor of HostGator due to fair pricing and better features offered. Though, if you want to go with yearly plan DreamHost will be a smarter choice price wise.

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