HostGator Vs DreamHost- Pros and Cons of Both Hosting Providers

By | March 20, 2020

Once you have decided that you want to have a website for your business enterprise than there are various choices that you have to make. The primary one is obviously the domain, but more crucial and important choice is the hosting service that you will require to publish your website over internet. It is an important aspect as the performance of your site depends on it.

There are several service providers out there who are offering some free or cheap options. The important aspect is though the combination of fair pricing and better performance. Two such companies are HostGator and DreamHost who are offering better performing hosting services.HostGator Vs DreamHost- Pros and Cons of Both Hosting Providers

It is usually a choice between these two for the professional developers. We will focus on the various pros and cons of the two companies. The pricing and performance have been compared equally for the basic plans of both service providers.


Pros :

  1. A large user base has made it well known for providing high quality web hosting.
  2. The cPanel control panel offered by them is designed to simplify the management of website statistics, files, databases, emails and domains.
  3. The free 24×7 responsive technical support is accessible via toll-free telephone, live chat and email for all users.
  4. They offer upgradable options to meet your business demands as they grow.
  5. The unique pricing and offers add to the already economic packages that are available. By using the unique code you can easily get a 25% discount on the package that you choose.

Cons :

  1. The basic Hatchling plan allows you to use only one domain.
  2. All their plans are not offering free domains which are available in some other options.


Pros :

  1. The DreamHost is providing shared web hosting customers a free domain name and free domain privacy as well.
  2. f you are a small business enterprise then you surely need a domain and the basic hosting facilities to create your site fastest. They are giving all that features.
  3. The special DreamHost guarantee is offering you a 97 day payback if you are not satisfied with service in that period. Also they are guaranteeing a 100% uptime though in the terms and conditions it is mentioned as 99.7%.

Cons :

  1. The primary drawback is the non availability of cPanel support and other add on services that are nowadays required.
  2. The custom built control panel is not so user friendly, especially for the beginners.
  3. The 97 days money back guarantee is not viable as they dot give anytime rated money back.
  4. The support system is only over mails, where the responses are delayed.
  5. The highly priced package of $10 per month will give you the calls and can’t support.

So we have looked up at all the pros and cons of the two big hosting service providers who are currently the market leaders. Other options are also there but then you don’t want to compromise with quality.

Final Words

The conclusion of above comparison is easy to judge. The HostGator is the right choice for startups, but at the end it’s your choice.

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