How to Get Unban from Bazoocam? is a video chat site that links you to a stranger to chat. Bazoocam is an anonymous video chat site that has been around for almost a decade. Although Bazoocam’s legal rules can no longer be publicly linked to their website, violating their public standards may prevent your IP address from being used. This guide will teach you what to do if your IP address is blocked by Bazoocam

Use Proxy Server

The hosting server or site allows you to browse the web using a third-party server, where your IP address is master. Although it will not officially restrict you from Bazoocam, you can use a proxy to hide your IP address. While most of these services may be slower than the method you are using, they may be fast enough to be used as a temporary service.

Other popular proxy service options are VPNBook and FilterBypass.

Bazoocam can automatically block IP addresses of specific proxy locations. You may need to try a few different proxies before you find one that works.

Try VPN service

A VPN or virtual private network is a network that allows you to access data from a social network, such as the Internet while maintaining the security of a private network. VPN is the same as for proxy servers except that your connection will be encrypted. Most VPNs cost money, but the cost is usually reasonable.

Take Your Device To Free Wi-Fi hotspot

Typical options include coffee shops and libraries, but as these places are always crowded with other people, video chatting will be rude and difficult to do. Find something secret inside the library, like a private classroom.

Change your IP address

This is often not an easy task, as the IP addresses of most home users are automatically provided by the ISP. You can use the steps in this guide to assign a new IP address. If not, you can try calling your ISP and requesting a new IP address.

Another way to get a new IP address is to remove your modem for 5 minutes and reconnect it. If that doesn’t work, you can give different results if you keep connecting the modem overnight.

You can also try calling your ISP to request a new IP address for your connection.

How Long Does It Take to Be Banned?

If you can change the IP addresses, you can be blocked almost immediately.

If you have to wait for the ban, go. The ban can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. There is no way to say when the ban will be lifted.

If you are watching video chats with young people, you may want to try one of the many Bazoocam options. See Omegle, Chatrandom and Faceflow are just a few different options.

Final words

If you are banned from Bazoocam, read this article to know more about not blocking Bazoocam. We’ve shared some tips that can help you get past any set of boundaries, and after that, you can always talk and not pretend. Some tips will protect you from any other restrictions.


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