Unforgettable Tourist Places in India

By | April 19, 2020

If you are looking to visit popular tourist destinations, then India has one of the most popular places to look forward. A lot has been said about beauty of India’s beaches and hill stations. If you are looking for some beautiful locations, then India has some of the most isolated yet captivating locations to visit around. Here we have described top five tourist destinations of India which are popular all around the world.

Leh Ladakh

This place is known to be ultimate place for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It is situated in remote location and deep in the Himalaya region with high altitude. It is generally inaccessible area in the winter season due to heavily snow clad mountain areas and extremely cool region. One can visit this location which leaves the visitors spellbound with its features, inclement weather and awe inspiring spiritualism. One can trek this location through deserts, dry barren lands, snow clad mountains and can be one of the best experience of lifetime. Water rafting and biking is one of the most popular experiences in this location.Leh Ladakh View

Valley of Flowers

This place is known for its flower and carpet spread white layer of snow in the background. One can get a clear vision of Himalayas with variety of flowers and forests areas in this location. This place is a real delight for those who are nature lovers and attracted towards exploring fascinating flowers and plants. The valley of flowers is a world network of biosphere reserve. Some of the famous flowers can be found in this location. One can explore rich wildlife at this location and has become a favorite place for tourists. Visitors can explore various places for adventure and other activities as well.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If you are looking to explore the marine life and see some active volcano, you can visit the most ancient civilization to discover the wild beauty of this island. One can also do numerous activities at this place. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are located in the Bay of Bengal which provides obscure till recently. It is the most fascinating tourist destination in the continent. It is basically a cluster of small type of islands which is known for its natural beauty and serenity in the lap of Mother Nature.


One of the beautiful cities of India is Jaisalmer, which is situated about 500 km from capital city of Rajasthan. This location is perfectly located and is popular with beautiful sand dunes, adorable cultural heritage and interesting traditions. This city is also popular as Golden city and perfect location for those who are looking to visit on the popular historical locations in India. This is unique for its forts and havelis. Tourists can go to desert parks to get the flavor of exotic variety of flora and fauna.

Final Words

If you are looking for some of the popular tourist destinations in India, make sure that you take time to explore the five of them mentioned above and cherish few memories.

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